General terms and conditions bicycle rental

The landlord:

Gino DWG sl
The Weirdt Gino
Calle cabo de Tourihnan 25 block2A
Orihuela Costa 03189, Spain

Terms and Conditions

art1. The service provider (the lessor), in charge of the rental, reserves the right to assess the abilities and skills of participants with regard to the use of a bicycle within the scope of the services of The person who rents the bicycle (hereafter referred to as the 'renter') declares that he is able to use a bicycle and that he does not have any medical limitations to do so.

art2. The rented equipment (bicycle and accessories) remains the exclusive property of during the entire rental period. The renter may not lend it or sublet it to third parties without prior permission from RopaCycling.

art3. The renter acknowledges that the rented bicycle is in perfect condition and must handle it with care. The renter must maintain the bicycle and return it in the same condition as when it was received on the date, time and place agreed in the contract. The tenant must report any delay to the landlord. The condition, size and model of the rented bicycles are known to the renter. Before departure, the renter can try out the bicycle. If it does not meet his/her expectations, he/she can request a replacement. Once the client has left, he accepts the condition of the bicycle.

art4. RopaCycling reserves the right to recover damage caused by the bicycle during the rental period from the renter, either by deducting an amount from the deposit or by drawing up an invoice for repair. The tenant hereby agrees to this.

art5. If the bicycle is out of order during the rental period, the renter can only carry out repairs (or have them carried out) after approval from RopaCycling and he must submit an invoice for the repair. Under no circumstances can the tenant recover damage or interest for problems with use during the rental period.

art6. The daily rate corresponds to a rental of a maximum of 24 hours or to a full day that the branch is open. The half-day rate corresponds to a rental of 4 hours. If the agreed rental period is exceeded, a supplement based on the hourly rate will be charged.

art7. If the rental bicycle is lost, stolen or damaged, RopaCycling reserves the right to charge compensation of €2900 incl. VAT for an electric bicycle and €3300 incl. VAT for a racing bicycle. The rates for damaged parts not listed will be determined by RopaCycling. The wage for repairs is €49/hour.

art8. The renter is obliged to report the loss or theft of the bicycle and/or accessories to the lessor and the police within 24 hours.

art9. If the renter violates existing laws and/or regulations during the rental period, RopaCycling can in no way be held liable. Cyclists ride under their own responsibility and respect the highway code.

art10. The rental price of bicycle and accessories must be paid in advance. The tenant hands over an identity document. RopaCycling reserves the right to request a deposit of 150€ per rented classic bike and 300€ per electric and folding bike. The deposit will be refunded to the renter after inspection of the bicycle and accessories.